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The Imperfection of God

Suyop Abog@2015

I know, nor a few eyebrows will definitely rise reading this title. I have debated a long time before I even considered putting this. And before anybody bombs me with God’s perfection and etc., allow me to present my case and make myself better understood. For when I say God is imperfect, it is not because he is – but because we make God imperfect.

Let’s consider the beginning of all these, the first book of the bible – Genesis! From the dark void to light; then to the heavens and seas; from the animals to man, then a woman. A perfect scenario to say the least. Add a garden of Eden, where peace and quiet reigns, where no violence exist. What a world it would be.

Imagine we are a movie company and we would like to produce a big budgeted movie. We can have someone with real skills to make a blockbuster script from this biblical story. Maybe we can hire someone with an very nice commanding voice to do a voice over, then viola – a hit! That’s what we think.

Before we can even start this movie, we have to consider: What about the skeptics? Those that do not believe in the story of the creation? The scientist who postulates we evolved from some form of animal, a monkey or otherwise? What about the non-conformist? Those who believe we are alien life forms that came to earth and got stranded here? What about those, who are still out there in the deserts of nowhere, digging for clues on the origins of man? Suddenly, our religious story becomes a scientific impossibility. And the perfect scenario, becomes a simply story, for science cannot prove it, then if there is no proof, it is nothing but a mother goose tale.

Sadly, every story in the bible, and even those that can just be inferred from what is written have been studied, analyzed, refined and there are those, who want to find evidences of biblical history and match them with actual history. The case of the documentary of the Exodus for example. There are several proofs and artifacts that proved Exodus happened, but simply because it does not fit the records of known history, many scholars have actually ruled – Exodus is simply a story.

Archeological findings show that the story of the Exodus happened 200 hundred years earlier than when it happened. New and incontestable evidence are being found daily. Yet, the historians of Egypt, do not want to change the facts of their known history, because of a story. A proof that even if we can find the best evidence of our faith – there will be those who will question and will even tell us to keep faith separate from science.

Why is this so?

From the very start of what we can recall, based in records and writings in stone and paper, papyri and what not. It has been our practice to write about the glory of man. Our achievements, our accomplishments. Nobody wrote about the losers. We can remember kings and queens, heroes and heroines, but we never wrote about the people behind the greatness of these characters. We all know Napoleon Bonaparte, but do you recall a sentence, just a sentence of who his commander was of the 2nd brigade? Was that person not part of the greatness of Napoleon? Hs is, and yet we know nothing of him.

Jesus, even as a Son of God, simply because he came as a son of a poor carpenter, was not recorded in the history books. Herod was, but Herod’s assistant was not. This only proves that the selection of events to be recorded were dominated by those we consider important. Only after, when a person is glorified, will his existence even be noted, by then the notes on the pages of history are either gone, vanished or forgotten. The remaining remnants of whatever is available will serve as “authoritative” accounts of life. Like Beethoven, remembered because of his music.

Now since Jesus’ existence cannot be proven, no actual accounts can be recovered. Skepticism and doubts as to Jesus’ life is under question. And this serves as a reason why some religions do not believe Jesus to be God. This is a take-off point why some religions believe him only to be a prophet. Some argue that being a son of God, does not make you a God.

Now, because Jesus left no accounting of his life, except that which is recounted on the bible, the bible itself is being questioned. How true can Jesus be? Because we, with all the instruments and gadgets we have under our command, cannot definitely say Jesus is God, we invented all means of criteria – not to prove Jesus’ existence, but to disprove his life on earth.

We know that by doing this, we will disprove Christianity, we will disprove the Vatican and the papacy, we will destroy the core belief of more than 100 billion Christians. Say, we will be able to do this. Say we are able to disprove the bible to be a book of stories – what do we offer as an alternative?

The Muslims have their Qur’an, the Jewish the Torah all of which are considered Holy Books of Faith, Disproving the bible, does not only affect the Christian Bible, but all Holy Books – for just like the bible, there are no historical proofs that can legitimately claim a religion’s starting point. Not only that, most of the teachings of these holy books are also the same teaching in the bible, thus by inference, if the bible is wrong, then all these books are wrong?

So where do we go?

My father, a really wise guy, despite his educational background, told me a long time ago, that it is unwise to discuss anything about faith. And, I believe to a point – he was right!

This brings me back to my main point – the imperfection of God. When God created trees, it was in perfect symbiosis with man’s existence, as we rely on trees for the conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen that we need to breathe. When God created the heavens, God made sure that there are clouds to give us rain, and the oceans to continuously supply clouds. When God created the animals, He made is so we can use them to better our lives. Not merely for food, but also for industry and even for plain companionship.

If we look around us, the creation to many people may just be a tall tale, but we cannot but wonder, how the entwining strands of relationship, the intersecting threads of life forces we share with everything around us, were thought of – not just to ensure man’s survival, but the survival of the earth itself. For even the lowly ant, that we don’t even see, have a great role to play in the whole gamut of life. If there was no God, who designed all these? And if God was imperfect – how do we explain the perfect entwining, diverse, and complex relationship that man have with all those around him?

If God is imperfect, then how can we explain the perfect coordination of our own bodies. The beating of our hearts that resonate through our bodies. Our lungs, kidneys and liver as they clean internal waste inside us. Individually, despite the differences of our color, function in the same way as the other. Perfect, in all respect. Who makes these plans? If we say evolution, so why didn’t the whales develop a brain so they can communicate with us like we do to each other? They have been in this world much longer than us. Even if they want to, the structure of their nasal cavities and speech centers do not conform to the human mouth.

We need not look any further, right beside us are people we love. A wife, children and friends. Who developed the perfect symmetry of events that led us here? Why people choose to befriend us or why we choose to be their friends? And why we love the people we love?

It is said that man seeks for perfection. We all seek to be better, we want to be better. What is perfection to us? To have rooms of money? To adorn jewels all over our body? To live peacefully and contentedly? What is perfection to us? From over 100,000 people asked about this 99,991 said perfection is like God – being able to do everything we want!

To be like God – funny but didn’t we just question God? We doubt God’s existence, yet we yearn for His power. We despise God, only to aspire to be like Him. We refute God’s existence, yet we based our concept of perfection on Him. We question God’s methods, yet we call on Him for help. Surely, if I was God, I would already sent lightning bolts and what not on these people.

Finally, let’s settle this issue. Is GOD perfect, or not? Nobody knows, to those who believe in Him, He is… To those who don’t – there’s no point to talk about it.




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